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the snapitscrew consumer kit

the Snapitscrew consumer kit

The SnapIt Screw consumer kit is available for your customers to fix their own glasses; each kit contains 5 screws with a screwdriver which is held inside a plastic tube for easy transportation. The kit is available in singles, shelf ready trays or on clipstrips.

snapitscrew for optical professionals

optical professionals

The Snapitscrew is available to optical professionals around the world in a range of formats including vials, plastic bags and in a wheels containing 10 sizes which can be made on a bespoke basis depending on your needs.

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snapitscrew for non-optical industries

other uses for Snapit

Snapit was originally invented for the optical industry but we have since discovered there are other applications for the same technology; feel free to get in touch with us if you feel our patented screw can help you in your industry.

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